The comprehensive Project Management System created by a Kitchen and Bath Designer especially for Kitchen and Bath Designers.

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Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have in your Kitchen and Bath Design business when you have clarity around:

Your Design Process
Wrangle the to-do’s once and for all and show up each week knowing how to stay on task.

Your Design Budget
Know how much income you’ll be making each month so you can pay yourself and your staff.

Your Design Schedule
Get a handle on when key meetings and decisions will be made so you can plan your time and reduce surprises.

What's in the Design Roadmap System?

2 Key components
of the System work elegantly together to take the blinders off and tell you everything you need to know to have relaxed control over ALL your projects.

The Design Roadmap

  • Get control of each of your projects.
  • Use it to plan your time and set up client expectations.
  • The simple key to relaxed control!

The Design Roadmap Course Calendar

  • Plan all your projects together in one place.
  • Use it to plan your time and your team's time.
  • This is the secret sauce that increases productivity and profits!

How does the Design Roadmap System work?

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