for organizing your design work and taking proactive control of your projects

Create the work-life vision of your dreams

The Year End Review workbook is here to guide you in stepping out of your day-to-day to get a larger view of where you are in your business and where you want to go.

As you ponder the good and the bad from the past year and analyze what you can learn from your experiences, you will create a vision of the working life of your dreams.

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Boost your creativity and well-being

Practicing gratitude is a proven way to elevate your overall sense of well-being and boost your happiness. 

Use the 30-Day Gratitude Journal to take yourself on a guided gratitude practice and feel the love for your business.

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Cut your to-do list in half

When you feel like you have more to do than is humanly possible, you're officially having a to-do list emergency. 

Use the To-Do List 911 to put out the fire and prioritize the tasks that need to get done, while also creating a realistic timeline for the tasks that can wait.

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Learn to find and train a virtual assistant

Delegating your most time-consuming business tasks to someone else can be a really efficient, stress-free way to get on top of your design work.

Use this guide to hire, train, and leverage your very own virtual assistant.

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Map out your ideal number of kitchen & bath projects

Finding your Sweet Spot means doing FEWER projects FASTER, so you can focus, keep your clients happy, and do your best work.

Use the formula in this worksheet to calculate the number of projects you should take on each month for the minimum amount of stress and maximum happiness.

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