The comprehensive project management system created especially for Kitchen and Bath Designers

Let go of the stress and overwhelm of running your Kitchen and Bath design business so you can level up, hire help, and sleep better at night knowing all your projects are under control.
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The Design Roadmap System is for you if...

You’re a Kitchen and Bath Designer and you’re stressed from the overwhelm of managing all your design projects - you just want a simple way to see exactly what’s going on and plan and control your projects, instead of them controlling you.

Business Owners

You own your own business and you either work for yourself or have between 1-3 employees.


You’re a Kitchen and Bath Designer working for a company, and you need help in managing your design projects.

You’re going through a transition in your Kitchen and Bath Design business, and what’s worked for you in the past is no longer working for you. You’re looking for the missing puzzle piece that’s going to take you to the next level

Leveling Up

You’ve gotten the opportunity to do a bigger or better project and you need to level up your systems to handle it.

Hiring Help

You want to hire help, but you need to get organized to delegate. Plus how do you know if you have enough work to keep them busy?


With the Design Roadmap System you will...

Know exactly what to work on each week...

to get your projects done on time and on budget with minimal stress.

Get organized...

so you can uplevel your business and work on bigger and better projects, without the overwhelm.

Plan your work like a boss...

so you can hire help, delegate, and gain even more freedom and time in your business.

Take back control of your projects and your time...

so you can do your best work and show up as the Designer you were meant to be.

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Hi, I'm Betsy!

I’ve owned my own design business, Brandenburg Studios, since 2004. I wondered, “Why isn’t there a comprehensive project management system created just for Kitchen and Bath Designers? I couldn’t find one, so I created my own. The Design Roadmap is the system I use in my own business every day to keep things running smoothly. It’s helped me level up my business in every way, and I can’t wait to share it with you so you can enjoy the same results.

Betsy's story

What results has the Design Roadmap System created in my business?

The first project I used a roadmap on, I immediately stopped discounting my bills, and saved myself thousands of dollars.
My business has more than doubled since I started using the roadmaps.
The first month I used the Design Roadmap Planning Calendar, I increased my profits by 50%. Without working more hours.
The roadmap allowed me to hire my first employee with confidence, and then a second employee, as well as a virtual assistant.
The sense of ease and lack of stress I feel on a daily basis are hard to quantify.
The ability to show up feeling like a pro and follow through on my commitments is priceless.

What my students are saying...

“ I used to look at my projects as one big overwhelming task, which was paralyzing! The Design Roadmap System helps me break them down into small, achievable steps so I can take action.”

Robin Rigby Fisher
Robin Rigby Fisher Design

“For years I did not know where to even begin. With this training I just had this aha moment: Oh my gosh, this is how it's done!”

Chelly Wentworth
C-Change Design

“There's simply no substitute for applying a new business practice from someone who actually works in the interior design industry and understands the nuances and challenges.”

Jeanne Rodgers
Cleo Graham Design Studio

In the Design Roadmap System Course, you will get:

Module 1:

We’ll lay the groundwork for the System and start from scratch creating your own design process, budgets, and schedules.

Module 2:
The Design Roadmap

Learn how to take control of your projects by creating your own customized Design Roadmap document.

Module 3:
the Course Calendar

Learn how to plan your weeks and your month—all your projects together in one place—with the Course Calendar.

Module 4:
Working the System

Weekly and monthly checklists, best practices, and step-by-step guides for setting up and using the System for maximum efficiency.

Module 5:
Bonus Trackers

Once your system is up and running, you’ll be ready to take your planning to the next level.

More about the course

I can’t wait to get started teaching you the Design Roadmap System.


Creating and using this system has literally transformed my business and my life in every way.

Every Designer I talk with is too overwhelmed to actually enjoy their business like they want to, and do their best work. It’s like an epidemic (not that we know anything about those, lol!), and when you try and search for customized solutions for Kitchen and Bath Designers, there’s just nothing out there. Am I right?

So now that I’ve created and perfected a system that actually works, I can’t wait to teach it to you so you can see similar results as me.

For real - it is possible for you to get a handle on your projects and let go of stress. I know it is, because I’m living it.

More than anything, I’d love to see what you can create when there’s nothing detracting from your ability to show up as the confident, amazing Designer you know you were meant to be.

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